Math 325 Fall 2022

Math 325 Fall 2022

Elementary Analysis

Time and place:

2:00pm–3:15pm TR LPH 003.


Problem Sets


Understanding Real Analysis, by Paul Zorn. Any edition is fine. The role of the book is as an independent resource for you. I will also post lecture notes online once the semester starts.

Course content:

In this class, we will explore the real numbers, and understand precisely what makes calculus work. In this pursuit, we will develop our proof-writing techniques and our ability to state and work with definitions. The course material breaks into four main topics: Class time will involve a combination of lecture and groupwork. You will be expected to prepare for class by reading in advance. This class will build on the proof skills developed in Math 309 or Math 310. If you want to prepare for this class in the week before school, read sections 1.2 and 1.4 of the textbook.

Office hours

Lecture notes

Final T/F review

Final T/F review solutions

Exam #2 T/F review

Exam #2 T/F review solutions

Exam #1 T/F review

Exam #1 T/F review solutions

Quiz #6 #3 solution

Solutions and common mistakes for quiz #1

Brief overview of if then statements and quantifiers


How to succeed in this class:

Math 325 is one of the most challenging undergraduate math classes we offer, since it is based on developing a skill set that is very different from our 100 and 200-level courses. You should be prepared to invest a large amount of time outside of class. Here are a few specific keys to success: I am confident that you (yes, you!) can succeed in this class if you are willing to work hard in and outside of class and you follow the tips above.

Final exam: Thursday, December 15, 1pm–3pm, location to be confirmed

Things to know for quizzes/exams

Exam #1 solutions

Exam #2 solutions

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