Math 325 Fall 2021

Math 325 Fall 2021

Math 325: Elementary Analysis

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Problem Sets

Exam 1 with solutions

Exam 2 with solutions

Review true/false for exam 1 with solutions

Review true/false for exam 2 with solutions

Review true/false for derivatives with solutions

Review true/false for final with solutions (corrected 4pm 12/10)

Axioms of ℝ


Time and place:

MWF 1:30pm–2:20pm Burnett 204

Office hours:

Monday 3:30pm–4:30pm, Wednesday 2:30pm–3:30pm, and by appointment, Avery 325


Understanding Real Analysis, by Paul Zorn, second edition. I'll assign a few sections to read and a few problems from the text. The first edition of the text is OK, but you'll have to make sure you are reading the correct sections and doing the correct exercises. I will also post lecture notes here on the course website.

Course content:

In this class, we will explore the real numbers, and understand precisely what makes calculus work. In this pursuit, we will develop our proof-writing techniques and our ability to pose and work with definitions. The course material breaks into four main topics:


We will have

Public health:

Everyone must comply with the university's public health guidelines. If anyone has a documented need for face coverings to be required in their classes, for example a member of your household is unable to be vaccinated or has a health condition that makes vaccines less effective for them, please contact me ASAP. Since university policies may change at the last minute, the mask policy for the class will not be set until the first meeting. Please at least bring a mask with you to every class.

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