Math 221/221H Fall 2022

Math 221/221H Fall 2022

Differential Equations

Time and place:

9:30am–10:45am TR Avery 110.

This is a combined section of Math 221 and Math 221H. The homework assignments, quizzes, and exams for all students, regardless of which section, will be the same. The additional requirement for 221H will be a presentation towards the end of the semester. Please note that enrollment in the "H" section, unlike an honors contract, cannot be canceled after the usual drop deadline.

Office hours

Thursday 11–noon and Wednesday 2–3:15 in Avery 325.

To do:

Lecture notes

Quick review of calculus

Long review of calculus

Solutions to exam 1 Solutions to exam 2 Tacoma bridge

Syllabus for 221-302
Syllabus for 221H-001

Final exam: Monday, December 12, 10am–noon, location to be confirmed

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