Colloquia Scheduling

UNL faculty and graduate students are encouraged to suggest colloquium speakers. When you consider inviting someone as a possible colloquium speaker, please consider whether that person is likely to give a good talk to a general mathematical audience. It is not good when a speaker gives a specialized seminar that only a very few in the colloquium audience can follow. Here are some guidelines which speakers should follow (you should let the speakers you host know these): The remainder of this page is intended to help with colloquium scheduling. To schedule a colloquium, please do the following.
  1. Consult the list of open dates.
  2. Send an email to Jack Jeffries ( with the following information:
  3. Funding: The department has funds available to help defray costs of speakers. To obtain these funds, contact Petronela Radu. Use of other funding sources (e.g. grants, Research Council, etc) before requesting departmental support is strongly encouraged.

    Rules of Thumb regarding reserving a colloquium slot:

    The rules of thumb below are meant to help scheduling of colloquia go smoothly. Let me know if you see changes or additions that would promote this goal.